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Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

If after consulting this list you have further questions, please submit them via e-mail to careers@surreyschools.ca

Can I work as an Educator in a school environment without a BC Teaching Certificate?    

As an Educator, you can only work in Surrey schools without a BC Teaching Certificate if you are a qualified:

- Aboriginal Transitions Facilitator

- Behavioural Specialist

- Psychologist

- Speech Language Pathologist

Job descriptions for these roles can be located in the Job Description Handbook.

Do you require a Criminal Record Check?    

Every Surrey School District employee is required to pass a Criminal Record Check.

How do I apply for Principal and Vice Principal positions?    

Job postings are advertised on this site under Current Opportunities and on

How do I apply to a Surrey teaching position if I am a Teacher but I work outside of Surrey?    

If you are a Teacher in a generalist area at the elementary or secondary level, you would follow the steps to apply as a TTOC. Generalist teaching assignments generally begin as TTOC’s first. Find more information here

If you are a Teacher in a specialty area such as qualified French Immersion, Vision or Hearing Teacher, Counsellors etc, you will find postings on as well as on the Current Opportunities page on this site.

What additional assessments will I be expected to complete?    

This depends on what position you have applied to however all applicants, before a job offer is made, are required to complete a Workplace Harassment and Occupational Health and Safety assessment.

What are Excluded positions?    

Excluded positions are positions within the Surrey School District not covered under either of our Collective Bargaining Units (B.C. Teachers Federation – B.C.T.F) or CUPE. These are typically Management and Professional positions. These are salaried positions.

What documents are required?    

Please ensure you read any job posting carefully for required documentation and attached to your on-line application. If you have documents missing, your application may be excluded from consideration.

For Support Staff positions (Non-management and non-teaching) there may be supporting documents required. Please visit the Required Documents for Applicants page to find any documents you might need.

What educational requirements do I need?    

The educational requirements for each position will be included on the job posting.

What if I don’t have Teaching Reports?    

Current Teaching Reports are a mandatory requirement of our application process.

What is a Teaching Report?    

A current Teaching Report (no more than 2 years old) should include information on Planning, Instructional Delivery, Classroom Management, Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting of student progress, Professional responsibilities and additional comments. The report needs to be completed by an Administrator who has observed you teach a minimum of three times.

When can I apply for Non-Teaching positions?    

Job postings are advertised on this site under Current Opportunities and on   

When can I apply for TTOC (Teachers Teaching on Call) positions?    

We currently have an open window for applications.

Please see the TTOC Applicant Process page for details.

Will all applicants be contacted?    

We thank all applicants for applying however only candidates shortlisted for interview will be contacted.

Will I be required to provide a reference?    

You will be required to provide three (3) work references prior to job offer.

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