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Our Values & Vision

At the heart of ż is a district-wide shared vision for learning – Learning by Design – where we prepare our learners for a world in which they think creatively and critically, communicate skillfully, and demonstrate care for self and others.


  • Learning prioritizes the needs and gifts of individual students, helping them to demonstrate the core competencies in all aspects of their learning.
  • It emphasizes their unique ability to contribute based on their experiences, cultures, heritages, languages, and diverse abilities.
  • Learning by Design is rooted in the principle that all learning is driven by individual passions and interests, and must be connected to real-world experiences and challenges.
  • Students and teachers demonstrate this learning in tangible ways.


  • Structures are the time, physical space, access to information, and community connections that students need in order to learn.
  • These structures meet the students where they are based on their individual needs, and must be inclusive of all individual ways of learning and knowing. For some, the structures that support learning may look different than for other students.
  • Students with diverse abilities and disabilities deserve full and equal access to learning in the classroom and beyond.
  • Indigenous students deserve a learning environment that is respectful of their experiences, recognizes the legacies of colonialism, and is consistent with the district’s commitment to reconciliation.

Tools for a Digital Age

  • The learning process also requires tools that support learning within these structures.
  • Innovative technologies can provide greater access and equity in learning, and the digital world offers opportunities for all students to harness new ways of demonstrating their learning.
  • Innovative strategies to bring learning to life for students who experience challenges that impact the learning environment, including students with diverse abilities or disabilities, can create a learning environment that helps them achieve success.

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