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Students & Families

layla%20Katzie.jpg"I try to use happy thoughts to have a growth mindset." 
- Art by Layla, Grade 5, Katzie Elementary
Whether you're a parent, student or community member, we hope you'll find the following mental health resources useful.

To find out more about the district's 2023-2024 Mental Health and Wellness Programming -

If you have any questions about the documents below, please contact us.

Student Resources:

Free counseling services for anyone between 12-24, including their caregivers
Help lines, clinics, counseling sessions & more
Safe Schools fact sheet on vaping

Family Resources:

Provincial list of supports and resources for both children and caring adults 
Family guide by the Mental Health Commission of Canada
Support network for caring parents 
A quick breakdown of FamilySmart services
Videos for families and caregivers on mental health and/or substance use topics
Monthly hosted online event for parents & caregivers who are parenting a child or youth with a mental health and/or substance use challenge
This is a professional development channel for the Surrey School District, in British Columbia, Canada, focusing on Mental Health and Wellness.

Video Resources

Mental health animated videos:

Below is a series of animated videos addressing mental health challenges experienced by students of all ages. Each is available in two versions – one for elementary students and one for upper-intermediate and secondary students – with age-appropriate language and content. In addition to English, all of the videos are also available in French, Punjabi, Arabic and Mandarin, and all have closed captioning.

* Parent/caregiver guides for the videos, which include questions to prompt conversations with your child, are available in multiple languages: ; ; ; ; 

You Are Not Alone:

This video contains information about the importance of good mental health and how to recognize and manage signs of poor mental health. The video reminds students they don't need to deal with things alone, and to reach out if they are struggling, highlighting the many avenues of support available at school, at home and in the community. 

Elementary: ()

Secondary: ()

Coping With Stress & Anxiety:

This video defines the different types of stress, what might cause them, and how unhealthy stress can contribute to mental health challenges and physical ailments. It includes tips on how to recognize and manage unhealthy stress and urges students to seek assistance if they need it.

Elementary: ( )

Secondary: ()

Navigating Life Changes:
This video contains information about how big changes in life – like moving, a death or sickness, losing a friendship or parents splitting up – can cause overwhelming feelings that might be difficult to deal with. The video validates the array of mental and physical health impacts that could result and outlines how to manage those feelings.

Elementary: ( )
Secondary: ()

Digital Stress:
This video illustrates how technology use can affect our minds and bodies, and reminds us to ensure we find balance so that our device use isn’t taking over our lives, altering our sense of reality, harming our relationships, or impacting our health.

Elementary: ( )
Secondary: ()

Healthy vs. Unhealthy Stress:
This video defines the different types of stresses – explaining that some kinds of stress are actually ok, while others can have negative impacts on well-being. The video outlines the potential harms of unhealthy stress and healthy strategies to manage it.

Elementary: ( )
Secondary: ()

Health and Wellness:
This video explains what physical and mental wellness is and how best to takes steps – even small ones – toward achieving it.

Elementary: ( )
Secondary: ()

Healthy RelationshipsThis video discusses the importance of building positive relationships with a variety of people in our lives, and describes what healthy friendships and relationships look and feel like.

( )

Body ImageThis video talks about what body image is, what it means to have a healthy or unhealthy image, things that influence the way we feel about ourselves, and ways to maintain a positive attitude about our body image.

( )

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