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Information Management Services

The Information Management Services (IMS) department is the behind-the-scenes partner at ż. We manage the district's information and communication technology needs, from computers in classrooms to business, student, and library application systems. We work with schools and district sites to ensure they have the information, technology, and related services they need to achieve their goals.

Our Mission

Develop, execute, and maintain outstanding services and service levels, which reflect the combined resources and requirements of information technology at the school and district levels.

Our Vision

We maintain a high level of professionalism in all of our interactions, including following through with actions that support our words.

Two separate but aligned visions have been developed for educators and administrators. They are equally important audiences working towards a common goal - delivering learning opportunities for the students.

Education Vision
Partners in improving students' learning through the synergy of reliable technology and innovative access to the very best learning opportunities.

Administration Vision
Demonstrate leadership and support for collaborative, cost-effective and easy-to-use administrative technology to assist SD36 staff in supporting student learning.

Our Principles

Our principles reflect the "laws" we follow as we provide our services to support student learning.

  • Trustworthiness - we do what we say we will do.
  • Respect - we will regard others with consideration.
  • Fairness - we will consider, evaluate and balance all needs.
  • Integrity - we will be honest about opportunities and challenges.
  • Kindness - we will be friendly, positive and caring at all times.

Our Values

Represent the beliefs that we adhere to and respect as we work to support student learning. At the heart of our values is a commitment to and focus on teamwork.

  • Partnership - our positive relationships are the most important things to us.
  • Professionalism - every customer will have a positive experience when interacting with anyone from IMS.
  • Leadership - we care about the user experience.
  • Expertise - we transform learning.


NameJob TitleBusiness Phone
Dan TurnerExecutive Director IT604-595-6000
Steve StobbeIT Director of Cyber Security604-595-6000
Geoff DayIT Manager604-595-6000
Marvin PiniliIT Manager604-595-6000
Greg SherartIT Manager604-595-6000
Caroline WangIT Manager604-595-6000

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