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Mental Health and Well-Being

mental%20wellbeing%20art%20adams%20road%20social%20development%20class.jpgAn Adams Road art group project representing how we can take care of our mental health.Welcome to the ż Mental Health and Well-Being page. As part of our mental health in ż framework, the district is committed to providing mental health education and resources for staff, students, parents/guardians and our community.  

  • For staff, students and families, we have education, strategies and support care resources that can be accessed here.

Mental Health in ż Vision
We are committed to a community in ż where every member has equitable access to quality learning, tools, and structures that can support them to be compassionate, resourceful and resilient.

We are guided by the core values of diversity, equity and inclusion. Our vision is a multi-tiered, easily accessible, evidence -based, systems approach of prevention and supports that promotes positive mental health by creating a safe and caring environment.

The core work of this group is to bring to life and sustain the ż Mental Health Framework which supports school communities to build their capacity in the areas of mental health literacy, social emotional learning, culturally responsive practice and trauma informed practice. The well-being of all of our learners, their families and staff in ż is at the heart of our collective work.

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