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Safe Schools

In alignment with all ż departments, Safe Schools delivers resources and programming that offers education, prevention, and intervention services for students, staff and families related to school and student safety, well-being and success.

Since its inception in December 1998, Safe Schools has been a provincial, national and international leader in the development and implementation of many unique, evidence-based, highly successful and comprehensive prevention and intervention programs, initiatives and resource materials aimed at enhancing student and staff safety. These programs include the Safe School Liaison, Substance Use Liaison, Youth Diversity Liaison, Outreach Worker and Surrey RCMP School Resource Officer models in schools; the implementation of a School Safety Alert System, Violence Threat Risk Assessment Protocol, Safe & Caring Schools Policy and Regulations; federally and provincially funded youth mentorship, suspension, bullying and gang prevention initiatives, including the highly successful Surrey Wraparound project and .


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Safe Schools Officesafe-office@surreyschools.ca
Phone: 604-595-6195

Fax:     604-595-6193

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