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Renters often have a variety of questions about how to rent and use buildings. We have answered some of these on these pages for you. If you have additional questions please contact the Facility Rentals Department at rentals@surreyschools.ca or phone 604-595-6084. 

How long before my event should I request space?

Applications for space must be submitted a minimum of 15 business days prior to the first date of use. Requests must include adequate time required for set up and/or take down of any equipment related to your event. 

Space fills up quickly, ensure your request is submitted with as much notice as possible and no less than 15 business days prior to the requested date of use. 

How long will it take for my request to be approved?

Each request is different in nature and may require various approvals. Review times will vary. We are unable to provide timelines on when applications will be approved. 

Ensure your application is submitted with as much notice as possible and with no less than 15 business days prior to the requested first date of use. If you are required to adhere to advertising deadline, ensure your application is submitted as soon as possible. 

My License has not been approved; can I still advertise my event?

Groups who advertise their event prior to having a License approved are doing so at their own risk. 

  • Promotions and advertising distributed must not be presented in such a way that the School District is seen to endorse or be connected to the renter or its event or activities. 
  • The facility can only appear on promotions and advertisements as the location site. 
  • School District staff will not respond to public inquiries of any kind regarding the event or activities. 
  • Clear contact information must be displayed on advertising so public inquiries are directed towards the event organizer not the School District.

What happens if it snows or in the event of a power outage?

Schools will not routinely be closed due to snow or other weather conditions unless there is damage or other circumstances that make it impossible to operate safely. If schools are closed to students during the day, renters will not be permitted access during the evening. 

If schools are open for students during the day, rentals may still be cancelled due to snow, ice, immediate or preventative maintenance, or other related conditions. School closure information will be posted on our district home page at www.surreyschools.ca and on the facility rentals website

Where a rental takes place on a weekend, the operation of the event or activity may be cancelled. Please be aware that school parking lots will NOT be plowed or cleared of snow on weekends for renters. Groups are not permitted to clear the lots themselves or hire contractors to do so.

Can I have a replacement booking for a cancelled date? 

On occasion the school district will require access to the space for school or district functions, to perform maintenance or due to Joint Use Agreements. Substitute space in the district will not be made available. A refund or credit will be provided. 

How do we apply to rent space?

Requests for space may be submitted through our . A step by step guide to register an account and submit requests may be found . 

Paper and email applications are no longer accepted. 

Can we rent schools during the school breaks?

Yes, schools can be made available to renters during winter, spring and summer breaks, however, this access requires special arrangements to be made. Applications to rent during school closure days will require separate application to the Facility Rentals Department by completing the appropriate application form and sending it to rentals@surreyschools.ca or fax 604-595-6083. 

Weekly or monthly long term rentals will not be booked during school closures so if you use a gym every Tuesday night from September - March, your License will show that the Tuesdays during winter break are deleted from that license.  If you wish to continue using your gym on Tuesday nights, you must complete a rental application and send it to the Facility Rentals Department. 

Rental rates are typically higher during school breaks. Also, additional custodial and security charges will apply to rentals during school closure dates, see .

What is the size of each gym?

For a list of district gyms, their sizes and amenities, elementary click and secondary click here. 

Which gyms have wood floors?

The type of flooring in each school gym, elementary click and secondary click here.

Which school gyms have adjustable basketball hoops?

A list of which gyms have adjustable basketball hoops, elementary click and secondary click here.

Can we serve food in the gym?

Food and drinks, except water, cannot be served in any gyms in the district. Additional space must be booked for food service i.e. a hallway, cafeteria, multipurpose room or foyer.

Why do we have to have insurance?

When renting in the School District, rental groups are responsible for damage caused to the building and for the safety and health of participants in their programs. The School District needs to ensure that rental groups are covered for damage that may be caused or for injury or accidents caused when on site at district buildings or sites.

Can we use the washrooms in the building when we have a license to use your field?

Access to washrooms is not included with field rental requests. If washroom access is required, this must be requested separately on the application you submit for rental. Access to washrooms cannot always be granted, however, as buildings cannot be left open and unattended while a rental group uses a field. 

Can we rent the kitchen at a secondary school?

Commercial kitchens found in cafeteria spaces are not available for rent. Home Economics rooms that have domestic fridges and several domestic stoves/ovens are available for rent. Typically food must be brought in and packed out for each rental and nothing can be stored in these spaces.

What are tech fees for theatres?

WHEELHOUSE THEATRE AT EARL MARRIOT SECONDARY in South Surrey, the technical charges are as follows. All rental groups using the Wheelhouse Theatre will be sent a technical rider:

  • senior technicians who specialize in lighting design and sound design (all former students returning for rentals) at $15 per hour.
  • current student technicians who are under 'apprenticeships' or who are learning to design tech and are not qualified to work alone on rentals (students attending EMS currently)  at $10 per hour. (as before)
  • house managers (only former students) at $15 per hour.  (they now follow a strict 15 minute cycle for checking around the theatre and lobby area)
  • theatre manager in charge of staffing events, attending all events to supervise, organize and design any technical requirements at $18 per hour.
  • tech fees to be paid to the school or tech's directly, payable on or before the event.

ALL OTHER DISTRICT THEATRES – Final fees for technical service, where required, will be set by each school’s drama department or school administration. Senior technicians typically cost  $15 to $18, student technicians are usually  $10-$15 per hour. The rental  group will be directed by Facility Rentals to contact the drama department or school administration to make final arrangements once a License is in place for use of a theatre. The tech fees to be paid to the school or tech's directly on or before the event. Please do not contact the school until directed by Facility Rentals.

Custodial charges will be applied to all theatre rentals. Security or supervision costs may also be applied. Please see fees and payment for more information.

Can we serve alcohol at our event?

Community rental groups may request to serve alcohol at events and activities they are hosting in rented space in the district. To request approval to serve alcohol, renters must submit a request in writing outlining their event and their alcohol service plan to rentals@surreyschools.ca or fax 604-595-6083, citing the school, date and times they wish to rent and the number of participants at their event or activity.  If approval is granted, a letter will be issued to the renter confirming approval to serve alcohol.

If approval is granted, renters must meet the following conditions to serve alcohol:

  • Obtain a Special Event Liquor License.
  • Have one person on site throughout the event with a current Serving it Right certificate.
  • Provide a copy of an insurance certificate to the Facility Rentals Department at rentals@surreyschools.ca or fax 604-595-6083. Insurance must meet the criteria of the Surrey School District and include coverage for liquor service at the event or activity.
  • Events where liquor is served may require attendance of a District staff member or a Board authorized security guard throughout the activity – this supervision will be coordinated by the Facility Rentals Department and costs covered by the rental group.

SCHOOL DISTRICT EVENTS AND PARENT ADVISORY COUNCILS (PAC) – Please note that neither District Staff nor Parent Advisory Councils may host events in schools where alcohol is served or sold.  

What if I have a complaint or concern about a user group or school staff person?

Please contact the Facility Rentals Department at rentals@surreyschools.ca or phone 604-595-6084 with any concerns or complaints in relation to your rental of a site or about others’ use of district buildings or grounds. 

How do I get a school calendar?

The District’s annual calendar showing all Professional Days and School closure days can be found here. Each school posts their individual school calendar typically at their school website.  You can find school websites by visiting their school page here .

Are outside taps available for car washes?

Outside taps may be made available for rental groups. Please indicate your request to use external taps on your application under “special requirements/equipment.”  Charges will apply to have the taps unlocked and then locked again at the conclusion of your event. 

How do we visit the school to see the gym or other spaces in the school?

To view a space in the district, please contact Facility Rentals at rentals@surreyschools.ca or call 604-595-6084.  Rentals will alert the school(s) and arrange an appropriate time for you to view the space.

Can we leave early if we are done or stay later than our designated rental time?

Rental groups are permitted access to school space or grounds for the exact times specified on the rental license. Rental groups are not permitted to stay past their designated rental time.

A group may leave early when a custodian is on site, however, if the rental group is using interior school space on a day when no school staff are on site, they must stay on site until a custodian or a security runner arrives to lock and alarm the building.  The rental group is responsible for the building while they are renting and if they leave the building early, leaving it open and unarmed, they will be responsible for any damages or losses caused because the building is left open, unarmed and/or unattended.

Who do we contact on the weekend if we have problems or questions with an ongoing rental?

If there is an emergency on site for example a flood, fire, leak, building damage or otherwise, please contact our central monitoring station, Protectron at 778-328-7751.

If the pre-arranged security runner has not arrived to open or close a building with a reasonable time, please call Paladin at 604-677-8700.  Again, to call Paladin you must have already made security open or close arrangements through the Facility Rentals Department for your event.

If you have any other emergencies or critical problems during a weekend rental, please call 778-772-5305 or 778-772-4939.

What equipment is included when we rent space?

Included in your rental is any furniture in the space that you rent i.e. desks, chairs, tables, lights. 

Use of perishable supplies including art supplies, books, toys, paper, pencils, pens, sports balls, audio visual equipment and computers is not permitted. Use of school photocopiers or fax machines is not permitted.

Rental groups may request rental of the following types of equipment which must be requested by the rental group on their application: event tables and chairs, volleyball/badminton stanchions and nets, small sports goals used in gyms, microphones and podiums. Rates for equipment use can be found . If the type of equipment you wish is not listed here, please enquire with the Facility Rentals Department at rentals@surreyschools.ca or call 604-595-6084 to enquire about the rate.

Will the caretaker be on site on weekends/school closures?

Janitors are usually on site during school professional days except one professional day per year held in May during which custodians are also undertaking professional learning and not on site at their home schools. Weekly long term rentals continue on most Professional Days. Please see the Facility Rentals Department annual calendar for days on which ongoing weekly rentals are cancelled – rental requests for these school closure days must be made on separate applications and will require custodial and security services

Janitors are not usually on site during weekend or holiday bookings including spring, winter and summer rentals. Rental groups will be required to pay for custodial service, for opening and closing of the building and depending on the size and nature of the event, may also be required to pay for ongoing supervision during the rental period. 

Do rentals continue during job action or a strike?

Renters will be notified by email when rentals must be cancelled including if they are to be cancelled due to job action. These closures will depend on the conditions of the job action and not always necessary.

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