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Parent Involvement

Communicating your concerns

Schools are eager to address your questions or concerns. Education is shared between the home and the school and good communication is an excellent starting point for resolving an issue. Parents and guardians are urged to contact the school if they have questions about an activity or issue. It is usually best to begin with the classroom or subject teacher. If a matter remains unresolved, you may wish to contact the principal to request assistance in dealing with the matter.

Build understanding and a positive relationship with your school:

Be involved

  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of the partners in education
  • Participate in the school's PAC
  • Attend school events and activities
  • Offer to help
  • Support your child's learning at home & be informed of your child's progress in school


  • Take opportunities to get to know the people who work with your children.
  • Inform yourself about your child's classes and school activities.
  • Keep the school informed about issues that affect your child.

Resolving issues & concerns 

  • Arrange an appointment so that your concerns can be heard without distraction.
  • Organize your thoughts before the meeting.
  • Keep focused on the issue you've identified.
  • Treat others with dignity and respect, and expect that in return.
  • Thoughtfully consider and try to understand both sides of the issue.

Give each of the steps a chance to correct the problem before you proceed to the next step.

Guidelines for parents and adult learners in cases of issues/concerns:

STEP 1: Start with the person(s) whose action has given rise to the issue or concern.

STEP 2: If the issue is not resolved, contact the school principal.

STEP 3: If the issue is not resolved, contact the

STEP 4: If the issue remains unresolved, you can request the involvement of the Deputy Superintendent or Superintendent.

STEP 5: For some situations, parents or students can appeal a decision of a district employee to the Surrey Board of Education. The appeal must be in writing (see board Policy #9902) and .

STEP 6: If concerns still remain, in limited circumstances, a board decision can be appealed to the provincial Superintendent of Appeals. .

In the case of issues involving student safety or other emergency situations, you may need to proceed directly to Step 2 or 3. During these steps, you may be referred to other departments in the district to resolve the issue or concern.

The Policy on Appeals Procedure (#9902) and Notice of Appeal forms are available in the Policies & Regulations section.

This information is a joint project of the Surrey Board of Education, Canadian Union of Public Employees, Surrey District Parent Advisory Council, Surrey Principals' & Vice Principals' Association and the Surrey Teachers' Association.

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